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WILLY GOOD ALE.  Familiar. Favourites.

We have six very different, but equally tasty beers as permanent fixtures on The Willy Good Ale menu. They can always be found on the shelves of our local outlets. Check out their tasting notes and recommended food pairings below.





Willy Hop (ABV 4%)

A dry-hopped amber ale. The beer is left to develop to create a rich hop flavour, with a medium body and rich toasted/caramel overtones

Food Pairing: Great with beef or poultry dishes, pub faire and robust cheeses. 

Beerier Beer (ABV 4.2%)

A light single hop English amber ale using Challenger hops. Medium body with vanilla overtones. 

Food Pairing: Perfect with a curry, with the maltiness soothing the heat away. For a sweeter match why not try it with some banana cake.

High Fives (ABV 5%)

A zesty, hoppy pale ale, with hints of grapefruit. One of our first recipes, and remains one of our best sellers.

Food Pairing: Perfect match for a burger! Would also recommend with other ‘dude’ foods such as a hawaiian pizza or some buttermilk fried chicken.

Hopadelic (ABV 5%) 

A delicious American IPA, using American hops, with a floral aroma and hints of passionfruit. Light and refreshing, but with the flavour volume turned right up.  

Food pairing: Salty & fried food, Mexican, grilled burgers & steak. It can even match an Indian-The hops amplify the spice at first, but ultimately carry it away.

Willy Brown (ABV 5%)

A delicious, rich nut brown ale, using chocolate malt. Dedicated to legendary Blues singer Robert Johnson.

Food Pairing: Accompanies hearty foods well, like a winter stew, steak or a roast beef & horseradish sandwich. Also pairs really well with cheese, particularly the nutty flavours of hard cheeses like aged Gouda or young Comte, as well as milder cheddars and blue cheeses. Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Try it with a piece of maple walnut cake.

Wheat a Second (ABV 5%)

A clear and refreshing wheat beer, blending hints of marmalade and coriander with the fresh flavours of American hops.

Food Pairing: Lighter foods such as salads, bbq fish, sushi and mozerella. a really refreshing beer, perfect for the summer months.