WILLY GOOD ALE. Great tasting. Sustainable.


We want to hand craft great tasting beer, and we want to do this sustainably in regards to the environment and our local community



There is nothing mass produced or watered down about Willy Good Ale. We hand-craft all of our beers in small batches using the finest ingredients to create great tasting beer bursting with natural flavour. Our characteristic upfront hops, bodies of malt and lingering bitterness encourage Willy Good Ales to be contemplated and savoured. 


Sourcing Locally

Where possible Willy Good Ale sources ingredients as locally as possible to cut down on our carbon footprint and support our local economy. All of our malt comes from Warminster Maltings in Wiltshire, the oldest working malting in Britain.

When it comes to our hops we do go further a field, scouring the world for rare and special flavours, in order to bring you unique tastes from across the globe. Our hops are sourced through Charles Faram, who have been established hop merchants for over 100 years and sell the largest range of hops in the UK.

Waste Not Want Not. Reduce Waste!

We are pleased to say nothing goes to waste when brewing our beer:

  • The spent grain is enjoyed by the cows at Hartley Farm. (They had to stop feeding it to the pigs as it was causing them to sleep too much!)
  • The used hops get recycled by gardener Kate Collyns from Grown Green as fertiliser for some of her fruit and vegetables.
  • We have a system that recycles the water used in the cooling process of brewing our beer. So no wastage of water. 
  • In addition to this our labels for our bottled beer, are made from recycled paper and we encourage people to recycle the bottles, after consumption.

Solar Energy

  • Our electricity is partly sourced from the solar panels in place at Hartley Farm. Solar energy is clean and sustainable, helping protect the environment.


  • We try to use local suppliers and sell Willy Good Ale through independent local outlets. This in turn supports other small one-of-a-kind businesses, which helps to preserve the communities distinctive character and strengthens our local economy.